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  • A diverse audience. 90% of our audience attends with their families.  This means your ad reaches all age groups from young children to senior citizens.
  • A loyal audience. 98% of our audience indicated they would return for another show and 85% are repeat attendees.
  • An educated audience. 75% of patrons surveyed have a college education.
  • A local audience. 1 out of every 2 audience members lives within a 30 minute radius of the theater.
  • A captive audience. 1 out of 3 patrons have purchased or used a service found in a Spotlight playbill.
  • A large audience. Each production has an average of 3,500 patrons.


Ticket sales and program fees only cover a portion of Spotlight’s expenses.  Your gift helps Spotlight continue to deliver quality Family productions and a wholesome environment for youth in the community.

Download a Sponsorship Form

Online Business Sponsorship Request Form

Sponsorships may also be applied to our general scholoarship fund.


  • A Sponsors Listing in the Program
  • Business Card Size Program Ad
  • Production Fee for One Child
  • 2 Complimentary Tickets for the Show


  • A Sponsors Listing in the Program
  • Half Page Program Ad
  • Production Fee for Two Children
  • 4 Complimentary Tickets for the Show


We typically sell between 3,000 to 5,000 tickets to our shows.  By supporting Spotlight, you help foster leadership, discipline, arts excellence, teamwork, and self-confidence in youth of your comminut. Advertising with spotlight makes postive impact while promoting your business to a captive audience. 

Download an Ad Contract (Editable PDF)

Online Advertisement Request Form

Business Card (3.0625” x 1.75”) (1/3 Page) 
$125 for 1 Production or $300 for 3 Productions.

Half Page (HP) (5” x 3.625”)
$175 for 1 Production or $425 for 3 Productions.

Full Page (FP) (5” x 7.375”)
$275 for 1 Production or $600 for 3 Productions.

FP Inside Front/Back Cover* (5” x 7.375”)
$375 for 1 Production or $700 for 3 Productions.

FP Outside Back Cover* (5” x 8”)
$450 for 1 Production or $950 for 3 Productions.


Patron traffic is heaviest in by the concessions and bathrooms.  Advertise your business with our 18X24 foam core sign. Your business card may be attached. 


In our program, we will list your restaurant as a preferred dining establishment and suggest they patronize your business. The cost is $50 to be part of this dining guide.

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